Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blake's Baptism~2/5/2011

On February 5th, 2011 my son Blake was Baptized a member of
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
What a wonderful, amazing & spritual day it was for our whole family!!!
I'm getting choked up just thinking about it, even though it was 6 months ago.
I am so grateful/happy/proud/joyful that my son decided to make this choice in his life.
Some people might say that an 8 year old is too young to make this kind of decision, but we know as members of the
church that 8 year olds are a lot smarter & in tune with the Spirit than we give them credit for.
My son Blake showed me that again on this wonderful occasion.
We do stake baptisms so we were lucky enough to have a room full of lots of people celebrating & supporting our awesome primary children in their decision to be baptized. We were also lucky because Blake was the only one from our Ward & the 1st one to be baptized.
My dad, Blake's grandpa was able to baptize & confirm Blake that day. Blake was beaming from ear to ear after he was baptized & then after he got dressed back into his suit we went into a different room for the confirmation. My dad gave him a wonderful blessing & I could feel the Spirit so strong it was hard for me to keep my emotions in check. The best part was that I know that everyone in that room felt the Spirit as well. Especially Blake. This boy of mine was so overcome by the feelings he had, he was crying. He came over to me right away & I hugged him so tight so he knew that it was ok to have these feelings. It was a wonderful teaching moment that Naunie (grandma, my dad's wife) & I were able to share with Blake. It was so sweet...I feel all warm & fuzzy just remembering it too. He's a sweet boy, a good big brother, a pretty good boy (most of the time) & has a wonderful spirit. I feel especially lucky to be Blake's mom & hope I can be the best mom for him!!!! I know this church is true & feel grateful every day that I have the gospel & I'm able to share it with my children!!

Blake's Baptism day!!

We don't take pictures of the actual events because they are very special.
But we can take before & after pictures. Click on the collage above & you will see just how happy & excited
Blake was on his special day!! Just beaming from ear to ear

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Nature's Critters~Sonny's Preschool Class 2011

Sometime in early 2011....maybe February (it's been a while) Sonny's preschool class had a
lady from "Nature's Critters" come to his classroom for an in-class field trip. It was sooo cool
She brought a tortoise, a parrot, cockroaches (ewww), a snake-lizard thing, a tree frog, & a boa constrictor.
The kids had a fun time ooohhing & ahhing at all the cool critters & even got to pet a few of them.
I'm so glad I was able to be there & watch Sonny & take pictures.

Nature's Critters

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Happy New Year!!! 12/31/10-11

The year 2011 has been rung in on my far behind!!!
We celebrate Blake's birthday in the early evening & anybody who wants to stay & hang out to bring in the NEW YEAR with us
hangs out. It's fun!! Sometimes we have a big bunch & sometimes we have a tiny bunch. This year it was
just a tiny bunch but we still had fun. The boys always love to stay up late & this year they played video games with dad, & Uncle Bryan.
Lots of fun!!! One of these years I'm gonna be really prepared & have a most excellent game night planned & send out invites for Blake's party & also the New Year's Eve party.
One of these years!!!


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Blake's 8th Birthday!! 12/31/2010

We celebrated Blake's 8th Birthday on 12/31/10!!!
I can't believe that my oldest childe is 8!!
We had a fun time & I know he did too. We had some family & friends over
& celebrated with pizza, soda & an Oreo cake. I asked Blake what kind of cake he wanted & he said he
wanted an Oreo cake.
I thought it would be fun to make & although I really wanted to make it look like
an Oreo cake...........this is what I came up with instead.
It turned out great & Blake loved it. That's all I can ask for!!! always it's a fun day to have a Birthday & we usually try to celebrate on his acutal Birthday.
What better day to have a party than New Year's Eve.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Windy Day & a New Helicopter

The boys got this really cool Helicopter toy from their Great Uncle Robbie for Christmas.  The one day I decided to take the boys up to the school to try it out was really cold & windy.  But...what are you gonna do when they are bored outta their minds & driving me nuts??  Take them somewhere...anywhere!!!
  Even though it was really windy they had a lot of fun & the helicopter was easy to figure out, so that's always good :)

Sonny retrieving it from one of its flights.

Blake getting ready for take off.


Another try.

Sonny bringing it back again.

Look at that nice leather jacket we got for Blake....he begged & begged for that thing & I got a really awesome deal at Macy's for it & he's only worn it a few times!!!  Dang that kid...he prefers his Old Navy Hooded zip up sweater!!!  Oh well....

More launches

A fun few hours until I was just too cold & wind blown & couldn't handle it any more.
Maybe it was only 1 hour...can't was 5 months ago...haha!!!  Still...we had fun!!
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Bounce U...Christmas Break 2010

One day on the Christmas break I decided we needed to get out of the house.  Blake had gotten a "FREE" pass to this place called BounceU.  It was time go go & use it because it was going to expire.  It's a really cool place for kids to play when it's rainy & cold outside.  They have 2 huge warehouse rooms with different types of infatable bounce houses.  It was fun to take the boys.

Giant slide...Blake was so excited & it took FOREVER to get Sonny to finally slide down!!  He was up at the top forever.  Blake & other kids kept going & going & I finally had to tell Blake to help Sonny.

Blake full of pure excitement & joy!!

Sonny...they just come down too fast to get a decent pic...once he finally got over the fear...he went several more times.

Waiting in line after not being scared anymore.

Sonny really liked trying to hit the ball that was floating in the air.  He had tons of fun at this station!!

A fun few hours for the boys & a break from them being bored for me!!
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Christmas Collages~2010






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